Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here is a pic of my fifth or sixth try at writing the code from memory in the second challenge. I'm happy that I remembered everything in the right order, I just need to remember where the blank line is (mental note, there is only one!) and capitalize "This".
I really thought I would be able to remember most of it on my first try, the order of everything in the middle took multiple tries to get right. The thing that seemed to help me remember was building the mental image of everything in my head, and what went around which bits of text.. Such as: title went around the first "Hello World", which was surrounded by head t1 went around it the second time, which was surrounded by p and then body everything was inside the html The spacing will probably take a little longer for me to get used to. Just thinking it through again now in my head and not on paper, I think I could nail it if I tried it one more time. Ha ha, we shall see. Overall I feel like I got what this challenge was setting out to teach me.


  1. You did great work here! I wouldn't worry about the spacing too much, the only ones to see your spacing are those looking at the code. It should still show up on the page itself how you wish.
    The biggest thing that matters are your opening and closing tags:
    h1, p <-- opening tags
    /h1, /p <-- closing tags
    As long as you have what you want between them, it will show up on the page correctly.
    Also, make sure that you put 'html' in your starting doctype tag.

  2. You did a great work...
    I am also doing this challenge..
    here's mine :

  3. Thanks for the feedback Jon and Abhinay.

    I guess the spacing isn't necessary for the code to work, it's just to organize what you are coding?

    I totally missed that I forgot the html tag at the top, thanks for catching that!

  4. Hi Tiff, the first line should be should have html before the bracket closes, in the body its not its not +1 it has to have a headline tag and in the end you have to close tag for html which is not opening tag for html. Hope it helps. thx, djsb9

  5. You forgot to add html at the DOCTYPE, and there is no such thing as t1 tag, for headings use h1, h2, h3, h4.